the mill at 2t

Menu — September 19, 2014

Tonight's Menu


Slow Cooked Pork Belly |3rd Course

Honey Mustard Glazed, Tennessee Sweet Potato Squash Soup, Caramelized Parsnips, Red Apple |13

Kentucky Fried Quail

Bourbon BBQ Sauce, End of Summer Corn Pudding, Grilled White Peaches |14

George’s Bank Scallops |1st Course

Patatas Bravas, Under Pressure Onions, Mizuna Salad Dry Chorizo Vinaigrette|13

Hudson Valley Foie Gras

Grilled Baguette, Whipped Foie Gras Butter, Colgan Farm Husk Cherries, Bacon Maple Glaze|17



Baby Lettuce Salad

Hand Cut Fries, Heirloom Tomatoes, Crumbled Feta, Roasted Shallot Dressing |12


Colorado Lamb Osso Bucco

Grilled Marguez Sausage, Braised White Beans, Charred Carrots, Mint Pistou|34

Long Island Duck Breast

Butternut Squash Ravioli, Grilled Mitake Mushrooms, Green Beans, Roasted Grape and Foie Gras Jus |30

Pan Roasted Venison Tenderloin|4th Course

Marcona Almond Gnocchi, Fried Brussels Leaves, Confit Florence Fennel, Apple Cherry Ragu |34

Cobia Filet |2nd Course

Gingered Peruvian Purple Potatoes, Micro Bok Choi, Smoked Chili and Pumpkin Seed Sauce |30

Marinated Hanger Steak

Whipped Potatoes, Shishito Peppers, Sticky Horseradish and Tomatoes, Prosciutto and Pearl Onion Glace |32

Cowboy For Two

48 oz. Bone in Ribeye, Asparagus, Pommes Frite, Whipped Potatoes, Tempura Onions, Béarnaise, Mustard Demi |75

Atlantic Halibut

Celery Root Risotto, Chicken of the Woods, Wild Cherry Tomatoes, Toasted Shortbread, Parsnips Chips, Parmesan |32

Chef's Tasting Menu

5 Courses |70
add a wine pairing |30



Celery Root Risotto

Chicken of the Woods Burre Fondue, Wild Cherry Tomatoes, Toasted Shortbread, Parsnips Chips, Parmesean |18



Brioche Donuts with Caramel|8

Baked Honey Cornbread, Vanilla Peaches, Whipped Cream|8

Upside Down Nutella Icebox Cheesecake |8

Dessert Trio – a Taste of all Three -12 -5th Course

French Press Regular and Decaf -6.00 small | 12.00 large

Espresso 3.00 | Cappuccino 4.50

Echevarria Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc|9

Vinedo de los Vientos “Alcyone” |10

Bricco del Sole Moscato d’Asti DOCG|9